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Competitor Comparison

SafeAssured ID is exclusive in providing families with privacy protected digital Child ID and Senior ID Kits which can be used immediately in an emergency situation.  A SafeAssured ID Kit is the most comprehensive Child ID or Senior ID Kit on the market.  Package details include:

  • Audio and video as part of the enrollment

  • Electronic encryption of sensitive information (only law enforcement can access the personal information)

  • All ten digital fingerprints electronically scanned

  • Television-ready video

  • An educational guidebook for parents written in conjunction with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

  • No database stored

  • Immediate dissemination (instant access and built-in tools for law enforcement)

  • Comprehensive data (video & audio files, digitally scanned fingerprints, vital personal information, etc.)

  • Ability to create missing person posters from the mini-CD

  • Low cost, high value

  • SafeAssured ID is patented