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As a law enforcement official, you need the important information contained in a SafeAssured Child ID or Senior ID kit.  While protecting families in your community, you will benefit from the highly visible rewards in improved community relationships and proactive involvement.

Providers of the SafeAssured ID System encompass all facets of law enforcement and range from the Fort Irwin (US Army) Police; to the Bastrop, TX Police Department; to the Oneida Tribal Police Department; to the Orange County, FL Sheriff's Department.

By partnering with local organizations, schools and businesses to sponsor SafeAssured ID events, law enforcement can provide the SafeAssured ID kits free of charge to families and engage a wide range of community members in proactive safety initiatives.

The SafeAssured ID kits include:

  • An encrypted disc, with sensitive information accessible only by law enforcement, containing
    • All ten digital fingerprints
    • Video and audio recordings illustrating unique identification traits such as movement, voice inflection and accent
    • General physical descriptions
    • Vital personal information

  • A durable photo ID card

  • The Guidebook for Parents, a safety tips guidebook written in conjunction with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.