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Reprinted with permission from Cable Spots 10/27/08

Two recent studies have found that not only is cause marketing a nice thing to do, it often produces some very compelling business results.

Adweek is reporting on the 2008 Cone Cause Evolution Study, which found that almost 80% ofrespondents said they would switch brands (assuming price and quality were the same) towards a brand that is associated with a good cause.   85% of respondents said they get a more positive image of a company that associates with a cause they care about personally, and the same amount find it acceptable for that company to publicize that affiliation in their advertising.  More then a third ofrespondents said they actually have bought a product associated with a cause within the last year.

In a separate study Cone conducted with Duke University using print ads, it found that consumers spent almost twice as long reading ads that included cause marketing then they did with ads unrelated to cause marketing.  Four product categories were tested; a shampoo brand, for example, had a 74% increase in purchases when associated with a cause (47% of test participants who saw the ad with the cause tie-in bought the brand compared to only 27% who saw a generic ad for the same product).  The professor who conducted the test summed up saying, "One thing we know for sure, consumers are paying more attention to cause messages, and as a result are more likely to purchase.  This is clearly great news for brand managers, as every percentage increase can translate to millions of dollars in revenue."

Offer the SafeAssured event package for single events or use it as an incentive for an annual increase in their advertising contract. Ideal sponsors include, but are not limited to: automotive, healthcare, financial institutions, and retail businesses with multiple locations.

Great selling tools available:

  • Overview DVD
  • A sample SafeAssured ID kit
  • A graphic resource CD
  • I nformational sell sheets

Schedule the event/s and run the spots.

SafeAssured has scripts available in :10, :30, and :60 (or write
your own spot), and a fully-produced, taggable :30 television
commercial.Hold the event and promote your sponsor with signs in key locations. Participation can increase with live remotes at the event. This is an excellent opportunity for your representatives and sponsors to increase their goodwill by interacting with families.Present new sales opportunities. Successful events build stronger relationships between you and your client - and between your client and their customers. Sell another SafeAssured event package for next month/quarter!

In about 6 minutes, families receive a SafeAssured mini-CD containing secure, identifying information that’s law enforcement and media ready.

Boost your ratings and loyal fan base by offering SafeAssured IDs wherever you display your company booth. You’ll attract people of all ages at health fairs, shopping malls, festivals and other highly visible community events.

You win!
Your clients win!
Their customers win!