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Results with SafeAssured ID

SafeAssured ID is a very easy company to work with. I was impressed with how easy the system is to set up and operate. With our very first SafeAssured ID event, we created so much energy and buzz that orange cones had to be added to handle traffic flow. At every event, our booth is full while our competition is desperately trying to give away their bumper stickers." - Brad Anderson, General Sales Manager, KTIE 590 AM

Listen to one station's 30 second promotional spot.

SafeAssured offers countless opportunities to make money while making a difference. SafeAssured events give your clients a reason to buy an additional promotional ad package. One radio station partnered with a well-known health care facility to bring SafeAssured to families within the radio station's listening area. The highly successful ID events were held at each of the health care providers area locations.

Likely Event Sponsors:

  • Automotive Dealerships

  • Hospitals and Clinics

  • Banks and Credit Unions

  • Insurance Companies

  • Dentist and Chiropractor Offices

  • Wireless Phone Dealerships


Event Ideas:

  • Grand Openings

  • Customer Appreciation Days

  • Promotional Sales Events

  • Health and Safety Fairs

  • Company picnics

  • Festivals