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SafeAssured ID Resources for
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SafeAssured ID helps you get up and running. From helping you locate sponsors to system training for event staff, SafeAssured is with you every step of the way. We are at your service, to make your community a SafeAssured community.

SafeAssured ID can have little or no cost to you with financial assistance from grants and sponsors. Partner with non-profit organizations, parent/teacher groups, or local businesses.

For inquiries, click here or call 1.888.894.5263.


Possible funding sources:

  • The Foundation Center, www.foundationcenter.org, is an excellent resource for finding foundation, corporate and philanthropic funding resources. Many local libraries, community foundations and non-profit resource centers provide free online access to this very helpful data base. Information may be accessed from any computer for a fee. In addition the Center has offices in five major cities. Please visit their web site