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Benefits To You
As A SafeAssured ID Sponsor

  • High value, high visibility: Missing family members are obviously a high priority for the media and community. When your enrollments are offered at no charge to parents, we will work with you to bring added value to this initiative. The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children provides valuable safety tips.

  • Differentiation: In the ever-changing marketplace, possessing a differentiating factor between your business and the competition is an essential key to success. Being the SafeAssured sponsor in your area can be a differentiating factor.

  • Marketing synergies: SafeAssured gives you the opportunity to personally connect with families on an emotional level.

  • Goodwill aspect: SafeAssured offers exposure to your product. The parents come to you to benefit from your goodwill at a location of your choosing.

  • Community recognition: Your goodwill efforts become widely recognized through word-of-mouth and media attention.

  • Advertising: A variety of collateral materials are available that can be updated with your company logo.

  • Qualified tax deduction: Your continued investment in SafeAssured with a non-profit SafeAssured provider.